May of 2014 I lost my mom to terminal small cell lung cancer. I was her caregiver and stayed by her side day in and day out battling that terrible disease. Mom was the toughest soldier I know. She never let that ugly disease take away her positivity! During the journey I promised mom that I would continue spreading awareness of cancer but most importantly awareness of keeping positivity during tough times. That's where KEEP YOUR SHINE came about. Mom and I would quote that to each other when one felt down and out. After she passed I decided to make stickers and put them around the city in hopes to make someone smile by sending a positive message. If you or someone you know is/has been affected by cancer or any type of situation you're going through seems like there is just no hope, then I ask you to please give KEEP YOUR SHINE a try. You'd be amazed how powerful positivity is for healing! 


If you happen to see the ribbon sticker around town or it's even been known to travel out of state then please post a photo of it on social media with the hashtag #KeepYourShine. Let's spread more positivity in this sticker at a time!